Scott Stewart
Pima College Governing Board, Dist. Four

How to Help



Thank you for helping me keep Pima Community College effective and affordable for student and taxpayers. It's all part of staying focused on the community. You can help in one of these areas:

    1. yard signs

    2. expressing support via phone and/or email

    3. walking neighborhoods, and (of course)

    4. money to pay for my mailings and advertising.

      Yard Signs These are small signs in yards of those who live in or near my district.  All signs are 1 ft high by 2 ft long mounted on a wire hoop. Contact me if you are willing and I'll make sure the sign is up.


      Expressing Support If you don't want to walk but still want to help, then encourage anyone you know in my district to vote for me. You can do this with email, phone, or in person.


      Walking Neighborhoods This is one for those you you who are outgoing and live in my district. It consists of handing out some fliers to your neighbors and telling them that you support me. Again, contact me if you would like to help this way.


      Money Finally, I know that money is tight. Those of us that still have jobs are helping friends and relatives who don’t or raising our children. Thus, I am very grateful for any financial help you can provide. Contact me and I will get back to you on how to contribute.




      If you would like to help via any of the four ways above or in any other way, then please - get in touch. Also, do you have questions? Need info? Have a comment? Same suggestion - GET IN TOUCH !    Email: Click Here  Phone: 909-0464

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